Cargo delivery for business construction sites

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Order construction materials with Viangoo

With Viangoo you can order dolomite, sand, soil and other construction materials with the help of a mobile app. Ordering is easy and you can follow cargo in real-time - see the status and your cargo and location in the map. Once cargo is delivered you get instant report. The process is efficient and saves you money and time.


How it works?

We have automated the cargo delivery process and made it more transparent.

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Easy ordering

Choose type of material, desired amount and set delivery point in a map the same way you would order a taxi via app.


Detailed reports with cargo amounts, sums, delivery times and documents. Data filtering. Reports are based on GPS data and can't be falsified by the drivers.

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Time saving

Your employees can place orders at their convenience and keep track of cargo statuses, location and get notified when a cargo closes the construction site. This will save many calls and time.


Viangoo tracks and dispays cargo delivery process in high detail. The process is automated and avoids fraudulent manipulations.

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Want to learn more?

Leave us a message and we will contact you and help you to improve the cargo delivery in your company with the help of Viangoo.