How to use?


Download the app

To start using, the person responsible for ordering and monitoring the materials must download the Viangoo application. Our application can be found in both Apple and Android application stores.

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Register the company

To use Viangoo, register your company in the web - fill in the application form and we will contact you about the next steps.


Enter order details

Viangoo app allows you to plan cargo orders in advance. Choose the type of material, desired amount and delivery location on the map just like you would order a taxi. In a moment, your cargo will be asigned to one of our many trucks.

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Choose a truck

Choose material and amount

Choose a loading site

Choose a delivery site

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Track your cargos

Every step in cargo delivery is recorded in our app and you can track each cargo in real-time - cargo status, expected delivery time, truck location on the map. All orders are supervised by Viangoo support staff, to make suer you would get the delivery when expected.


Accepting orders

Based on the application delivery time forecast, you can easily plan the delivery acceptance, thus reducing the time spent accepting and unloading the order.

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All reports in one place

Report on the delivery has been prepared for each cargo. This keeps cargo-related documentation in one place and easily accessible. Reports can be exported in a variety of document formats on your preference.


Schedule deliveries

In order to further improve the delivery and workflow processes, we provide an opportunity to plan deliveries ahead of time at your convenience, thus you can use productive hours to other duties.

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Download the app

Check out Viangoo app. Download it from Apple or Android app stores and place your first order within a minute.